Clients can also choose jewellery from the catalogs presented, or I can make art designs tailor-made to produce a completely original jewel.

It is also possible to implement the designs provided by the client.

I also commonly send and consult the designs by email.

For the original jewellery, I provide an extraordinary guarantee of 10 years.

Such jewellery is marked by an emblem of the author's signature.

With this mark, I also guarantee that no other identical piece will be produced.


I make the jewellery of gold with a purity of 585/1000 (14 carats) or 750/1000 (18 carats), of platinum with a purity of 950/1000 and of silver with a purity of 925/1000.

Gold jewellery can be in different color combinations (yellow, pink, red, white).

Especially recently, white gold jewellery has become a trend. In order to achieve an excellent white colour, I treat the surface with galvanic rhodium plating.

I focus on producing virtually all kinds of jewellery such as ladies and men's rings, engagement and wedding rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, charms, tie clips, cufflinks, bracelets, chains, etc.

I particularly specialize in modern jewellery with diamonds and generally with any precious stones.

For companies I also produce so-called corporate jewellery (company jewellery with company logo such as brooches, rings, tie clips, etc.).

I work with excellent grinding companies in Turnov, which have hundreds of years of tradition in processing of precious minerals.

It is therefore possible to order almost any precious stone in the required quality, size and cut.

In my basic offer there are more than 600 designs of wedding rings.

Wedding rings symbolize the connection of newlyweds and are a permanent reminder of their mutual love.

It is therefore appropriate to devote proper attention to their selection.

In addition to standard designs, I offer realization of original wedding rings of newlyweds choice or my design.

Engraving works (date of wedding, name, etc.), then the setting of diamonds, which are a distinctive decorative element and a symbol of innocence, are all a matter of course.

To make gold jewellery, it is advantageous for clients to supply their own gold (jewellery, fractions, dental material).

Then they only pay for work, accessories (precious stones), and hallmarking fees
for marking the jewellery by a hallmark at the Assay Office.

The preliminary price is communicated and confirmed in writing to the client already during the placement of the order; the final price cannot be exceeded by more than 10%.

For manual custom production, where each piece requires an individual technological approach, the price consist of the sum of the price of the material, the accessories (precious stones), the work, and the marking fees for official hallmarking of the jewellery at the Assay Office.

For the made jewellery I provide a two-year  warranty period (ten years for an on original jewellery - see above) and complete post-warranty service.

All my jewellery are marked by a hallmark, stamped by the Czech Assay Office,  my brand name and the corresponding purity number.



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