As a court-certified expert in the field of economics, industry prices, and evaluation
of movable things, I am specialised in precious metals and stones.

I am registered in the Register of Experts at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem
and I will carry out:

Expert assessments and consultations, estimates of general prices at the time and place of usual and market valuation.

All this in the field of precious metals, jewellery, and diamonds, for example: insurance, liquidation of insurance events, inheritance proceedings, claim management, auctions, bank guarantees, etc.

Certificates of authenticity and quality of diamonds according to international standards, excluding confusion of diamond with its most dangerous imitation moissanite using

I issue accompanying (gift) certificates with photo and detailed jewellery specification and an evaluation of its current market price.

I will also be glad to do even just an indicative price-based sorting of your inheritance from your parents, etc.

Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed, both in terms of the conclusions of the expertise and the information obtained during their processing.
Confidentiality of a court-certified expert arises from Act no. 36/1967 Coll.,
(for appraisers, it can also be provided under Contract for Work or a Technical Assistance Agreement).

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