I founded my jewellery workshop in 1990.

I am a graduate of the art school of jewellery in Turnov (field of jewellery and silverware) and I deal with the design and manual custom production of precious metal jewellery, mostly in combination with precious stones.

Clients can choose the jewellery from the catalogs presented, or I can make art designs tailor-made to produce a completely original jewel.

Such a jewel is not only a sign of prestige, but also the possibility of expressing style and pointing to the uniqueness of its own beauty, with an emphasis on quality, individuality and luxury.

It is also possible to implement the designs provided by the client."

My workshop has been able to satisfy a large number of clients including prominent personalities, especially from the field of culture.

I also present my collection of jewellery at fashion shows and dance shows.

I am a traditional partner of several prestigious beauty competitions where I create original jewellery for their winners.

In addition to custom production, I make all goldsmith repairs and jewellery maintenance and restoration.

Since 1993 I have been a court-certified expert in the field of economics, prices and evaluation of movable things, specializing in precious metals and stones.

My credo is: Things should be done properly, or not at all.



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